The Tranny Housing

Squaring up the block for the tranny This part started out on the bridgeport mill and then finished off with 3 wire EDM opperations.

Bringing in the outside dimensions of the block The first two pictures show the block being squared up on the Bridgeport Mill.

After some more milling I started drilling holes Once I had the outside shape done, I drilled all the holes that were required including some pilot holes for the Wire EDM.

I fliped the block over, milled out the channel, and drilled some more holes In this opp, I drilled some more holes and milled out the slot that will hold the heart of "Hyper Gimbal ©" Suspension.

finishing the channel Finishing the pivot sleeve channel.

More holes on this side and the bottom including this C'BORE I put in with a boring head In this opp, I bored the clearance c'bores for the U-Joints with a criterion boring head on both sides of the tranny (front/back).

Roughing out the tranny gear pocket I started roughing out the main pocket with a pretty big drill to remove most of the material.

More roughing with a hog mill I finished Roughing the pocket out with a long reach hogmill.

I cut all the bearing bores and alignment holes inline with the Wire EDM The final Wire EDM opp was to cut all of the bearing bores and alignment pin bores inline within .0001" to ensure correct gear mesh.

These bores are parallel and true to size within .0001 inches! The finished Bores, a perfect press fit for the bearings.

The finished Tranny ready to be plated Heres the finished tranny housing ready to be black anodized.


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