Action Pictures #2

The Track is dry!

The track is dry Winter has gone and the sun is once again here for us to play in! I for one have had a painfully long wait because I finished Jr when the weather got bad and I have been staring at it for months dying to drive it!

coming down the hill My track is surrounded by trees so all I get is spots of light to shoot the photos in.

coming down the hill This is my second full battery pack with the new Dual Steering Servo setup. There is a huge improvement in steering from the original single servo steering setup.

getting tweaked over the top In this picture I am coming over the top of the hill in the opposite direction I normaly do but Jr doesnt mind, It will climb this hill every which way.

Jr missed the Sun too! Heres a cool picture of Jr chasing the Sun! Machines need Sun too you know!

Bad Shadow, Bad Thats the way I usualy climb this hill, It gets pretty steep if you put a tire on that vertical rock face!

A little rock crawlin I really like the traction I get with the Proline Masher Tires on rock, they arent all that great in the loose dirt but on rocks they really hook up!

Up and Over Bad Monkey Jr weighs almost 20 pounds and the tires are bolted to the rims, even with severe full throttle turning these tires have not even hinted at failure yet!

More rock crawlin Yet another route over the hill, the possibilities are endless! This is the first run using my Tekin BC112C Digital Charger and DIS350 Dicharger/Cycler conditioned battery packs. The run time was 35 minutes with 6 Sanyo 4400mah D-cell batteries!

My favorite thing to do with Jr is climb rocks Here is another rock at the bottom of my track that Jr just rolls right over with ease.

Up and Over Thats it for now but after todays run I grabbed a shovel and started expanding my track up the hill side with a new hill climb that will make for some awesome pictures!


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