Bad Monkey Jr's Technical Specifications

Length: 18" bumper to bumper.
Width: 14.25" outside of tires.
Height: 6 3/4" to top of front bumper / 10" to top of body.
Weight: 19.25 lbs.
Center of gravity: dead center of Width / .12" forward of dead center length / about 4" from the ground up.
Axle Articulation: +-25 degrees from horizontal each axel (3 tires on the ground, fourth tire 8" up)
Steering: Dual Servo +-30 degrees crab steering (4 wheel). Each Servo has a seperate channel and can be steered independently. My 3PJ radio can mix the steering with the 3RD channel with full control of channel mixing percentage and rate or I can steer the rear wheels with the 3RD channel knob.
Differentials: None, full time 4-wheel drive with all stainless steel gears.
Approach and Departure angles: 90+ degrees (this thing climbs up walls!)
Shocks: 2" travel with adjustable compression and damping control. The two front shocks share a remote damping unit and the same for the two rear shocks. During articulation, the shocks simply exchange fluid from one shock to the other to increase response time.
Tranny: 2 speed, shift at full stop. ABEC class 7 sealed stainless steel bearings, Titanium shafts, Stainless steel gears.
Ratios: 38.684:1 Low / 22.105:1 High.
Top Speed: about 13 MPH @ 36,000 RPM in Low / about 23 MPH @ 36,000 RPM in High. I have other primary gear sets that could bring the top speed to 30 MPH in High.
Materials used: 6061-T6 Aluminum, 6AL-4V Titanium, 302/303/316 stainless steels, 17-4PH stainless steel, 440C stainless steel, 660 bearing bronze, Clear Polycarbonate plastic, Black Polycarbonate plastic, Turcite plastic, Semitron E.S.D. 410 plastic, Torlon 4301 plastic, and Black Delrin plastic.
Plating: Type I Hard Anodize with PTFE (teflon), Type II Colored Sulfuric Anodize, Type III Hard Anodize, and electropolish.
Motors: 2x Trinity "Speed Gems II" 17 turn singles.
Speed Control: Tekin Electronics 420-G2 High current Speed Control with Regenerative braking.
Batteries: Sanyo 6X 4400mah D-cell pack (3-cells per side).
Radio: Futaba "Magnum" FP-3PJ-PCM.
Reciever: Futaba PCM-1024.
Servos: Two Futaba S9204 (131.9 oz./in. of torque).
Body: Parma #10388 custom Dodge body with Tonteau Cover.
Tires: Proline "Masher" 4.8" diameter on my 2.2" beadlock rims.

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