My new Track!

The Tractor!

Eric ripping it up! Bright and early Sunday Morning my buddy Eric Millard went to work carving out a custom track for Jr with this John Deere 210LE Tractor.

Eric ripping it up! Eric started by using the "rippers" to loosen up the dirt in the center of the track, this dirt will be used to create the burms of the track.

Moving the dirt to the rim of the track Eric then started moving the dirt to the rim of the new track by first using the Gannon box to put the dirt in piles and then the loader bucket to drop it in place.

There goes the old tracks hill! Almost all the pictures of Jr on my track up until now were taken on "the Hill" and thats "the Hill" being scooped up and used to build up the new burms.

The track takes form The track starts to take form as Eric wheel rolls the early burms and adds more dirt from the center.

Wheel Rolling Wheel rolling the track compacts the dirt very well using the Tractors extreme weight, this was done several times throughout the construction of my new track.

Cutting more slope with the gannon box Once the basic shape was layed out Eric used the Gannon box to cut even more dirt out from the center of the track making the burms even wider.

Trimming up the toe of the slope Eric then used the Gannon box to trim up the "toe" or bottom of the slope.

Jump time If you were wondering where the water (rain) would go in this future swamp, I designed the track to have a jump at the lowest point so the water could flow around either side of the jump. These are the first cuts to get the basic shape.

Dumping more dirt Eric cut even more dirt from the center to add to the jump and in this picture he's about to dump a fresh scoop on the jump.

Wheel rolling Compacting the dirt in this way makes it rock hard and solid, the jump wont wash away in the first rain. Eric cut more dirt from the burms making the final burm slope about 4:1 and piled up a future hill climb for me in the center of the track.

The Finished Track!

Heres where I came in I cut metal not dirt so I wasnt able to drive the Tractor but when it came to the finish work I could finaly contribute! (the de-burring) I used a pavers rake to give the track its final grade.

Yahoo! I cant wait to get Jr out on this track! I setup a sprinkler and ran it all night to soak the dirt, when the sun dries it out it should leave the surface nice and hard!

The finished Track I had Eric make a pile in the center of the track that I can later sculpt into the new "the Hill" and the "Hill Climb" up against the hill side is still accessable over the far burm.

The finished Track The dirt was very wet and therefore dark so its hard to see the finished track in these pictures but I will soon have action pictures of Jr ripping up its "home" track. I am almost done with a pretty major modification to Jr and I cant wait to let it loose on the new Track!

If by chance you live near or south of the Bay Area and need Tractor work done, drop Eric an email and tell him Mark sent ya!


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