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Bad Monkey Jr Doing what it was designed to do, rip it up!
See Bad Monkey Jr. in Action!
Catchin air in the sand!

This Section contains pictures of Bad Monkey Jr in various stages of its history including the first test runs to hardcore sand Action! You will see alot of my original track here and some of the newer Track that was cut with a Tractor! To see the New Track being built Click Here
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Early pictures do not include some modifications that I did to evolve the design including;

  • Tranny Modification
  • Suspension Modification
  • Axle/Steering Modification
  • Hardened Precision Miter Bevel Gears
To see pictures of the New and Improved Jr ripping up the New and Improved Track Click Here . To see pictures of the modifications go to the Build section and check out 08/00 Mods #1 and #2 and 11/00 Mods.
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