Finishing the Chassis

Which side is the front? The Chassis up until now has been totaly symmetric, the holes will now designate the front and rear.

drilling holes I actually wrote the word front to avoid any confusion on the final opps. A mistake this far along would suck to say the least.

Cutting clearance chamfers I used a 1/2" 90 degree countersink to mill a clearance for one of the trannys shafts and its bearings.

The side holes In this opp I drill the holes to mount the rollcage and battery strap mount.

The side holes This picture shows the finished side hole pattern up close. I repeated the pattern on both sides.

The finished Chassis There it is! The finished Chassis weighing in at 2.66 lbs. exactly as the Cad system calculated! The Chassis is sitting on the prints I used to make it from.

The finished Chassis This picture shows the Chassis with the bottom side up.

The cable cutout This picture shows a close up of the Sinker EDMed feature that will allow the steering cable to pass through the Chassis.

Trippy view This picture shows the isometric view of the chassis showing through the finished chassis cutout. CAD is a great tool!!!!!!!

The finished Hard Black Anodized Chassis-TOP The finished Chassis was plated .0015 thick Hard Black Anodize with a teflon seal.

The finished Hard Black Anodized Chassis-BOTTOM It looks really killer but its hard to photograph cause its black, sorry.

The finished Hard Black Anodized Chassis-CLOSE UP This picture shows a closeup of the top pocket of the finished Chassis.

The finished Hard Black Anodized Chassis-TOP That was by far the most complex part to machine on Bad Monkey Jr. I have over 24 hours of time invested in this part alone!


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