EDMing the Chassis

See the water jet threading the wire through the tooling hole The first Wire EDM opp was to cutout the tranny opening. This picture shows the water jet threading the wire through the tooling hole.

cutting the tranny opening In this picture, you can see the blue light from the Electrical Discharge.

The freshly cut tranny opening This pocket is to allow the tranny to transmit the power through the chassis.

Filling the tank for the 2nd opp The next Wire EDM opp was to cut the bottom profile. This picture shows the tank filling with dielectric oil.

The skim cut, see the blue arc? This picture shows the skim cut after the material was rough cut away. You can see the blue arc from the Electrical Discharge Machining.

the finished profile This picture shows the finished Wire EDM opp, I cut both wheel well areas and the battery pocket leading edges.

the finished profile This opp removed material to make the base thickness of the chassis 1/4" from front to rear. All the side walls are 3/16" thick max.

Ready to Sinker EDM In this opp I use a Sinker EDM to remove the corner material I could not remove on the Mill. I used a Wire EDM to cut the copper electrode.

The freshly cut profile In this picture you can see the sludge that builds up after a burn with little flushing.

The freshly cut profile Here you can see how this cut blended the two base surfaces with the walls.

The next sinker opp In this opp I used a SInker EDM to cut the cutouts that will allow the steering cables to pass through the chassis.

See the two cutouts? Here you can see the two finished pockets.

A final touch I used the sinker to engrave both front wheel wells with:

Designed and built by Mark Filipowicz See, it really was me who built it! Check out the next page to see the final opps and the finished Chassis!


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