Action Pictures #5

The Last Run on
The Old Track

Ahh, there's some sun These pictures are of the last runs on my Old Track, here Jr pops into a bit of sun light shining through the redwoods surrounding my track. This is the last run on this track, check out the next page to see my new track being built!

The bottom of the hill In this picture Jr is starting up the mellow side of the hill.

Coming around the backside of the top of the hill The hill on my track has many potential routes, in this pass Jr cruises the route behind the top of the hill.

Tweaked! This picture shows Jrs suspension articulating coming onto the bottom of the hill. (The sway bar is attached)

Tweaked-2! Heres another view of the above photo from a different vantage.

Behind the top of the hill Heres another picture of the route behind the top of the hill.

The technical route behind the top of the hill Sometimes I cut the turn behind the top of the hill too short and endup taking the technical route over. This is never a problem because Jrs suspension loves this kind of torture, even with the sway bar attached!

Jeep Jr Heres Jr crawling over the rock slab face effortlessly. As with the rest of the hill, there are many options for climbing this rock slab face.

More Sun After this Run Jr is going into the shop for some steering upgrades including new knuckles and steering arms both with 660 Bearing Bronze bushings. This upgrade will give better dirt and sand resistance to the trucks steering.


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