Action Pictures #4

Pismo Beach
Sand Dunes

Battery Charge #1

Cruisin along the side of a dune face! For the first charge some friends and I 4-wheeled out into the dunes and found this smooth open sand dune bowl. Jr did great in the sand!

Cruisin along the side of a dune face! For more torque I ran the low gear ratio in my tranny so I could climb up the sides of this dune.

See the tracks In this picture you can see the fresh tracks from the previous run up the side of this dune.

Check out the roost This close-up shows the roost that Jr leaves behind when flying through the sand, again you can see the previous tracks.

This sand was sooooooooo smooooooooooth Jr (and I) had a blast carving through this bowl, the sand was so smooth I couldnt get enough.

Ahh, theres Bad Monkey Sr behind some friends This picture shows my full size Dodge Ram "Bad Monkey Sr" and some friends kicking back watching Jr rip it up. Thats me with the radio on the left.

deeper in the bowl This picture shows Jr going deeper into the bowl to carve just below the really soft sand. The previous tracks show you the line.

Can you see the soft sand Just to the left of Jr in this picture you can see where the soft wind blown sand meets the harder wind packed sand.

Carving the bowl If you look carefully you can see the transition from soft to firm sand all along the bottom of this dune. I stayed just below it and sometimes even carved up into the soft stuff, it was a blast!

Battery Charge #2

See Jr way down in this bowl For the second charge later that day, we 4-wheeled out to a steep dune where the suns long shadows made for some great pictures. All the pictures on this page were taken by my girlfriend Kristy. That little dot in the picture is Jr at the bottom of the massive bowl.

This bowl was very soft In this picture you can see the previous tracks where I carved up into the soft wind blown sand and came back down. This dune was alot softer than the earlier run so I ran low gear again.

Yup, even Jr gets stuck I mean it was really soft, Jr got stuck a couple of times in this bowl and only once on the earlier run.

Coming up out of the bowl To get out of the bowl I drove along the base of the dune to the edge and then started climbing up the side of the dune.

Back at my feet I drove Jr down into the dune bowl and was able to bring it back to me at the top all on its own power.

Now Ill jump back in and do it again Check out the roost when Jr flys off the top of the dune to do it all over again.

The shorter route up When I realized the potential for air I started taking jr the shorter route up the side of this wind ridge to conserve on battery power. I could only get up this last section half way and had to carry it up the last couple of feet.

Viola Thats me after carrying Jr up the last of that dune, now its time to launch off the top!

Flying down I was in low gear so I couldnt get much speed but I was getting all four wheels off the ground going off the crest of this sand dune.

Air! This picture is a touch early but it shows you I had the speed for big air. This was this biggest launch of the day. The shadows really add to the effect of this picture.

Battery Charge #3

Exploring the bushes The next morning we set out to find a spot to run the third and final charge of the trip. This run was done in high gear to try to get some Air!

See the roost! High gear was crazy! I had a blast, it took me a couple of turns to get used to the speed and then I set out to catch some air. Check out the roost from the shear power of Jr in high gear!

The mound This picture shows Jr approaching the top of this mound about to fly!

AIR! Its not all talk, here it is, genuine AIR! This awesome picture shows Jr flying through the air gracefully. The top of the mound is a bit tilted so Jr has more air on one side than the other.

Perfect flight Heres a clean shot (minus some feet) that shows Jrs perfect balance in the air. This is a different mound than in the previous picture.

Cruising the giant bowl After getting my Air fix I took Jr for a long journey around the back of this giant bowl and back. We hopped a fench into closed terraine for these runs to find sand without tracks.

See the tracks I went far around this bowl and turned around and came back the same way. You can see the higher tracks from the trip out. (figure that one out)


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